Well-being is a skill that can be learned

6:00pm-7:30pm, Nov 15, 2018

Jack Poole Hall, Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, 6163 University Boulevard
The Educational Neuroscience and Healthy Child Development Cluster

An Evening Public Talk with Dr. Richard Davidson

Join us for an evening with renowned neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson as he speaks about the brain and how mental training such as meditation can have positive rippling effects in society. He’ll share lessons from studying people of all ages and backgrounds, from newborns to the world’s most advanced meditators and yogis, and what the rest of us who don’t spend our lives on a meditation cushion can do to better ourselves and leverage these skills for social change. He’ll explore how the mind can change (a concept called neuroplasticity) and why scientists suspect human nature is fundamentally good.

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Richard Davidson, William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Founder and Director of the Centre for Healthy Minds
  • Hosted: Maria LeRose, Moderator, Facilitator, Television Producer and Interviewer
  • Presented by: The Educational Neuroscience and Healthy Child Development Cluster 
  • Registration: We are pleased to partner with UBC’s Interprofessional Continuing Education who is handling our registration needs.